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STAN automates 55% of your inbox responding to all resident and tenant questions so you don't have to!

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What is STAN?

The first and only A.I. email assistant for managers that automatically responds to ANY email you receive.

Zero Setup Required

Get started in seconds. Simply download STAN add-on for Outlook and Gmail and STAN starts writing your emails immediately. There is no training or onboarding needed.

Magically generate
a reply to any email

STAN generates a naturally written email response to any type of email, even tough ones! You can have STAN write your emails for you or use your own templated answers.

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Connect to your
current software

Easily link STAN to your current software or accounting platform to pull homeowner info, like account balances, directly into your email responses.

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Automate emails in any language. No matter what language you receive an inbound email in, STAN will read it and write you a response in that same language.

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We know the best solution for all of your business ideas and we can help you solve all your business problems

I usually have 70-100 emails from the weekend. Today I logged into only 20! I am so happy with STAN

Property Manager


STAN exceeded my expectations. It provided correct and helpful information 100% of the time

HOA Board Member


In only 16 days, my email load is down to about 75 messages per day from 100

Property Manager


I'm really impressed with the level of trouble shooting that STAN is taking on

HOA President


I have been texting with STAN and this is amazing! The response time is so quick!

Property Manager

Los Angeles

Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about STAN. I’m super impressed as I thought I would be!

Senior Manager


Any Manager. Any Property.

It doesn’t matter if you manage one community or many. STAN identifies which community your emails are coming from to suggest the right answer for the right property.