Built by Property Managers

A Tool for Property Managers

STAN was created by two former property managers, Max Gajdel and Bogdan Raic, who spent more than 15 years in the industry.

At STAN, we understand that property managers have one of the most important yet challenging jobs, and there is a lack of tools available to support them. STAN was developed to solve this by reducing the volume of resident inquiries that a manger receives while providing quick and accurate answers to homeowners.

The result is that managers get their time back to focus on bigger priorities while still being rockstars to their clients.

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Mission & Values

At STAN, we are committed to improving the lives of property managers using technology with a human touch, while providing a first class resident experience through quick and convenient communication.

Our values guide our work as we strive to offer a neighborly feel with every interaction while providing a best-in-class service that is intuitive and easy to use by our clients.

Any Manager. Any Property.

It doesn’t matter if you manage one community or many. STAN identifies which community your emails are coming from to suggest the right answer for the right property.