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The most popular A.I. Assistant. Stan responds to all resident and tenant questions so you don't have to!

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We know the best solution for all of your business ideas and we can help you solve all business problems

No setup required

Our team takes care of all setup so there is no work for you to get started with STAN. Just let us know what properties you want on STAN and we take it from there.

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We collect all documents


Answers are pre-populated


Quick chat to customize anything you like

STAN works all by
text message

Text messaging is now the most popular app on a smartphone. It is the quickest and most convenient way that we communicate. So, Stan works all by text message too!

Residents just text STAN when they have a question and he responds in seconds

There are no apps, software, or training needed. We set you up with a local phone number of your choice, and your residents can start texting Stan right away. It's that simple!

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Human-in-the-loop Support

For your peace of mind, STAN is supported by local human agents who can step in to handle the most challenging resident questions.

Our agents are property management experts. The result is that 98% of all questions STAN receives never need to be escalated to you!

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Works with any type of property

STAN is used by all property types and is fully customized to the unique needs of your community